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The Lincoln Chamber serves as Lincoln’s lead business organization championing our innovative, bustling business community. We are a convener and collaborator who brings all voices together to grow our city and move it forward! Want to get to know Lincoln? We'd love to show you around!

Our Team | The Chamber

'Profile image for' + Jason Ball
Jason Ball, IOM
Jason Ball, IOM, President
'Profile image for' + Bruce Bohrer
Bruce Bohrer, IOM
Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Bruce Bohrer, IOM, Executive Vice President and General Counsel
'Profile image for' + Derek Feyerherm
Derek Feyerherm
Vice President of Operations and Development
Derek Feyerherm, Vice President of Operations and Development
'Profile image for' + Brooke Zimmerman
Brooke Zimmerman
Senior Director of Marketing and Program Development
Brooke Zimmerman, Senior Director of Marketing and Program Development
'Profile image for' + Ron Kalkwarf
Ron Kalkwarf
Director of Finance
Ron Kalkwarf, Director of Finance
'Profile image for' + Tina Kluczynski
Tina Kluczynski
Accounting Manager
Tina Kluczynski, Accounting Manager
'Profile image for' + Shannon Hanke
Shannon Hanke
Investor Relations
Shannon Hanke, Investor Relations
'Profile image for' + Amy Kleinschmit
Amy Kleinschmit
Administrative Coordinator
Amy Kleinschmit, Administrative Coordinator
'Profile image for' + Diane Pryor
Diane Pryor
Executive Assistant
Diane Pryor, Executive Assistant
'Profile image for' + Jeannie Mutum
Jeannie Mutum
Creative Director
Jeannie Mutum, Creative Director
'Profile image for' + Chris Whitney
Chris Whitney
Communications Coordinator
Chris Whitney, Communications Coordinator
'Profile image for' + Lillie Newkirk
Lillie Newkirk
Marketing Coordinator
Lillie Newkirk, Marketing Coordinator
'Profile image for' + Mia Wilken
Mia Wilken
Events and Program Manager
Mia Wilken, Events and Program Manager
'Profile image for' + Katie Bohlmeyer
Katie Bohlmeyer
Business Policy Advocate
Katie Bohlmeyer, Business Policy Advocate

Our Team | Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development

'Profile image for' + Luke Peltz
Luke Peltz
Vice President
Luke Peltz, Vice President
'Profile image for' + Kevin Koester
Kevin Koester
Director of Business Development
Kevin Koester, Director of Business Development
'Profile image for' + Kaylie Hogan-Schnittker
Kaylie Hogan-Schnittker
Director of Talent Strategy
Kaylie Hogan-Schnittker, Director of Talent Strategy
'Profile image for' + Allison Hatch
Allison Hatch
Director of Workforce Development
Allison Hatch, Director of Workforce Development
'Profile image for' + Kathy Andersen
Kathy Andersen
Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Kathy Andersen, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
'Profile image for' + Chloe Higgins
Chloe Higgins
Workforce Development Project Administrator
Chloe Higgins, Workforce Development Project Administrator

Our Team | Visit Lincoln

'Profile image for' + Jeff Maul
Jeff Maul
Executive Director - Vice President
Jeff Maul, Executive Director - Vice President
'Profile image for' + Derek Feyerherm
Derek Feyerherm
Vice President of Operations & Development
Derek Feyerherm, Vice President of Operations & Development
'Profile image for' + Kelsey Meyer
Kelsey Meyer
Assistant Director of Sales
Kelsey Meyer, Assistant Director of Sales
'Profile image for' + Derek Bombeck
Derek Bombeck, CSEE
Director of Sports
Derek Bombeck, CSEE, Director of Sports
'Profile image for' + Clay Simpson
Clay Simpson
Sales Development Manager
Clay Simpson, Sales Development Manager
'Profile image for' + Tracie Simpson
Tracie Simpson
Services Coordinator
Tracie Simpson, Services Coordinator

Our Team | Board of Directors

Brad Moline
ALLO Fiber
Bob Jurgensmeier
Todd Reimers
Assurity Life Insurance Company
Kevin Jarosz
Black Hills Energy
Lindsey Freeman
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Nebraska
Russ Gronewold
Bryan Health East Campus
Tyler Dejong
CHI Health St. Elizabeth
Trent Sidders
Cline Williams
Aaron Stitt
Courtyard by Marriott
Bill Udell
Don't Panic Labs
Mike Minchow
Duncan Aviation
Joel Friesen
Five Nines
Nate McKown
Betsy Vrba
Michaella Kumke
Food Bank of Lincoln
Steve Schmidt
Frontier Bank
John Bergmeyer
INSight Capital, LLC
Noah Greenwald
INSPRO, a Marsh McLennan Agency
Trent Fellers
Kinetic by Windstream
Emeka Anyanwu
Lincoln Electric System
Evan Killeen
Lincoln Children's Zoo
Ava Thomas
Lincoln Journal Star
Dr. Paul Gausman
Lincoln Public Schools
Piyush Srivastav
Jim Kruger
Shannon Harner
John Olsson
James E. Mowitz
Pinnacle Bank
Betsy Tonniges
Primrose School of Lincoln
Tara Paulson
Remboldt Ludtke
Diane Temme Stinton
L.G. Searcey
Union Bank & Trust Company
Dr. Rodney Bennett
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Bob Balfany
US Bank
Alyssa Christensen
Voices of Hope
Chris Rasmussen
Katie Zulkoski
Zulkoski Weber