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The Lincoln Chamber serves as Lincoln’s lead business organization championing our innovative, bustling business community. We are a convener and collaborator who brings all voices together to grow our city and move it forward! Want to get to know Lincoln? We'd love to show you around!

Our Team | The Chamber

'Profile image for' + Wendy Birdsall
Wendy Birdsall, CCE, IOM
Wendy Birdsall, CCE, IOM, President
'Profile image for' + Bruce Bohrer
Bruce Bohrer, IOM
Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Bruce Bohrer, IOM, Executive Vice President and General Counsel
'Profile image for' + Derek Feyerherm
Derek Feyerherm
Senior Director of Membership & Operations
Derek Feyerherm, Senior Director of Membership & Operations
'Profile image for' + Shannon Hanke
Shannon Hanke
Investor Relations
Shannon Hanke, Investor Relations
'Profile image for' + Carla Taff
Carla Taff
Investor Relations
Carla Taff, Investor Relations
'Profile image for' + Nichole Kaiser
Nichole Kaiser
Events Manager
Nichole Kaiser, Events Manager
'Profile image for' + Ron Kalkwarf
Ron Kalkwarf
Director of Finance
Ron Kalkwarf, Director of Finance
'Profile image for' + Amy Kleinschmit
Amy Kleinschmit
Administrative Coordinator
Amy Kleinschmit, Administrative Coordinator
'Profile image for' + Tina Kluczynski
Tina Kluczynski
Accounting Manager
Tina Kluczynski, Accounting Manager
'Profile image for' + Kathy Lyons
Kathy Lyons
Membership Executive Assistant
Kathy Lyons, Membership Executive Assistant
'Profile image for' + Jeannie Mutum
Jeannie Mutum
Creative Director
Jeannie Mutum, Creative Director
'Profile image for' + Diane Pryor
Diane Pryor
Executive Assistant
Diane Pryor, Executive Assistant
'Profile image for' + Baylee Vrtiska
Baylee Vrtiska
Digital Marketing Specialist
Baylee Vrtiska, Digital Marketing Specialist
'Profile image for' + Todd Wiltgen
Todd Wiltgen
Public Policy Specialist
Todd Wiltgen, Public Policy Specialist
'Profile image for' + Chris Whitney
Chris Whitney
Communications Coordinator
Chris Whitney, Communications Coordinator

Our Team | Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development

'Profile image for' + Pat Haverty
Pat Haverty, CEcD
Vice President
Pat Haverty, CEcD, Vice President
'Profile image for' + Kaylie Hogan-Schnittker
Kaylie Hogan-Schnittker
Director of Talent Strategy
Kaylie Hogan-Schnittker, Director of Talent Strategy
'Profile image for' + Luke Peltz
Luke Peltz
Director of Business Development
Luke Peltz, Director of Business Development
'Profile image for' + Christina Oldfather
Christina Oldfather
Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Christina Oldfather, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
'Profile image for' + Kayla Meyer
Kayla Meyer
Young Professionals Group Coordinator
Kayla Meyer, Young Professionals Group Coordinator
'Profile image for' + Bryan Seck
Bryan Seck
Director of Workforce Development
Bryan Seck, Director of Workforce Development

Our Team | Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau

'Profile image for' + Jeff Maul
Jeff Maul
Executive Director - Vice President
Jeff Maul, Executive Director - Vice President
'Profile image for' + Derek Feyerherm
Derek Feyerherm
Director of Sales & Operations
Derek Feyerherm, Director of Sales & Operations
'Profile image for' + Derek Bombeck
Derek Bombeck, CSEE
Sales Development Manager
Derek Bombeck, CSEE, Sales Development Manager
'Profile image for' + Kelsey Meyer
Kelsey Meyer
Sales Development Manager
Kelsey Meyer, Sales Development Manager
'Profile image for' + Kelsey McGreer
Kelsey McGreer
Sales Development Manager
Kelsey McGreer, Sales Development Manager
'Profile image for' + Tracie Simpson
Tracie Simpson
Services Coordinator
Tracie Simpson, Services Coordinator