May 09 2022

Meet Mosaic in Southeast Nebraska’s Associate Director, Malindi Gabelhouse


With years of experience in human health services and leadership management, Malindi Gabelhouse says she loves her job being the associate director at Mosaic in Southeast Nebraska, based in Lincoln.
The local Mosaic agency is part of a nonprofit, whole-person healthcare organization that reaches across 13 states in more than 750 communities, serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Mosaic’s mission is to “embrace God’s call to relentlessly pursue opportunities that empower people.”

“It’s a mission I’m extremely passionate about,” emphasized Gabelhouse. “As to ‘empower’ means providing personalized services and supports to help individuals with IDD achieve their best life.
“All individuals, regardless of disability, deserve the opportunity to be full members of their community where they can live, learn, work and play through all stages of life,” added Gabelhouse. “We are all human and deserve to be treated equally and offered the same opportunities and respect as our fellow peers and neighbors. 
“Each day, I strive to support the individuals we serve, independent contractors (i.e., host home providers) and staff to make them feel supported and happy. My absolute favorite thing about my job is seeing those we support smile while enjoying life.”
Mosaic in Southeast Nebraska offers an array of employment opportunities and support for individuals regardless of age, ability or needs. For more information, contact Gabelhouse at or by phone, 402.429.0088.