Jan 03 2021

Previewing the 2021 Legislative Session


The 2021 Legislative Session is officially underway. We are prepared for a busy next few months protecting and advancing Lincoln business interests at the State Capitol. The longer 90-day session will continue to focus on the challenges presented by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, building a two-year state budget, workforce development, tax reform, affordable housing and several other issues.

Other issues we will keep an eye on and expect to be discussed in great detail include healthcare provider and employer liability protections, casino gaming, diversity and inclusion, school funding, main street and sports/entertainment recovery, and redistricting. Previous bills that did not pass or come to a vote in 2020, such as ones addressing workplace equality, nutrition and childcare assistance, and infrastructure spending will be of interest to the Lincoln Chamber as we focus on policies and legislation that promote workforce retention, as well as job & investment growth.

Workforce development is a perennial priority as we work with senators. Lincoln senators and others continue to prioritize workforce development as an urgent need for current and future economic growth and we applaud their ongoing efforts to help grow our community and state. 

The passage of LB 1107 in 2020 was a great first step to address workforce development through modern incentives that enhance our state competitiveness, but more work is needed in several areas such as talent attraction, business recruitment and expanding opportunities for everyone.

A strong coalition exists between the Lincoln Chamber, the Omaha Chamber and the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Our three chambers, along with other business organizations, economic developers, chambers of commerce and lobbying firms continue to work for pro-growth policies. We are hopeful for continued success in 2021.

As is the case for every session and in meetings with our elected officials, our mission at the Chamber is to collaborate with anyone interested in growing jobs, investments, and opportunities. We anticipate that in 2021 senators and others involved in the policy process will emphasize efforts to work toward consensus. This is the way to ensure our state springboards into recovery and builds positive momentum for our future.