Jul 18 2019

ACCE Rewards Chamber with Communications Excellence Award


We chose Lincoln. And so did the ACCE.

The Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives held their annual convention last week from July 14-17 in Long Beach, CA with thousands of representatives from across various cities in the United States and Canada in attendance. Every year, the ACCE Convention is a significant event for those gathered to share ideas and collaborate on how to improve our cities, plus recognize those chambers from coast to coast that continue to serve their communities. 

We were recognized for the “Lincoln. We Chose It” video, which garnered thousands upon thousands of views after it debuted in February at our Annual Lunch. This past Monday, July 15, we were presented a Grand Award for Digital Marketing in the Communications Excellence category by ACCE, which showcases the vibrant businesses, landscapes and people that make our city a great place to work and play in. The video highlights our bustling Downtown and Haymarket areas in addition to other parts of the city.

A panel of communications and marketing professionals from six U.S.-based chambers of commerce evaluated the entries and ultimately awarded Lincoln one of the 10 Grand Awards from more than 160 entries this year. The competition was strong to say the least!

In the past five years, we have been grateful to be recognized with three awards in 2018, one award in 2016 and three more in 2014. We truly have a talented and hardworking team at the Chamber, but it wouldn't be possible without the great events and ideas that Lincoln gets behind and fully embraces. 

Based in Alexandria, Virginia, the ACCE presents awards in Communications Excellence among its more than 1,300 chambers of commerce and 8,000 chamber of commerce professionals. The marketing work of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and others affiliated with the ACCE is vital to attract not only tourism, but potential businesses that are looking for new opportunities and existing ones looking to expand within their communities. 

Marketing is vital for communities across the globe as the competition for business, tourism and ultimately, every dollar, is more fierce than ever before. To make our city stand out, we felt it best to keep it simple and focus on what makes us great—our people and their livelihoods. It struck a chord with people who have called Lincoln home previously and those that call Lincoln home now. 

Our job of "selling" Lincoln is an honor and one we are excited to do each and every day.