Jul 07 2019

Expanding the myLNK App


There are over 400 nonprofit organizations in Lincoln. If you are a person that needs a service or help finding a job, it can be difficult to know where to turn. To address this need, Lincoln now has the myLNK app to help people navigate needs but also to connect to arts programs, job training and much more.

The free app provides a mobile database of community and workforce services in Lincoln and Lancaster County. Launched in 2018 through the efforts of Don’t Panic Labs, Leadership Lincoln, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services and the Center for People in Need, myLNK is easy to use and constantly updated with accurate information, directly from the organizations in the app.

In total, nearly 400 organizations and 700 programs have their information available through the app, with an easy-to-use search function making categories such as food distribution, health services, agency searches and others. The app combines the Center for People in Need’s Resource Handbook with the Department of Health and Human Service Community Response Guide, connecting the available services to those using the app.

Since January 2018, myLNK has almost 8,000 downloads and 1,500 monthly users. A key component of the app is that it works offline, so the user doesn’t have to be connected to WiFi or cellular service to use the app. By focusing on accessibility and ease of use, the app has been met with positive reviews from users and area agencies alike.

myLNK is available for both Apple and Android phones and has garnered high reviews on both platforms. To complement the app and provide links to these resources in Lincoln and Lancaster County, we’re excited for the addition of a website to the mix that will provide another easy way to access and use the necessary information and connect to services.

This summer, the myLNK website will debut with all of the information in the app now available as a website. The myLNK website will also allow case managers and people seeking services to explore and connect to various resources. It will also translate into Arabic, Spanish and Vietnamese.

At the Lincoln Chamber, we want to commend the efforts of all our local partners involved in this project. Their continued work has made myLNK an initial success and one that benefits so many people in our area. We are very excited to see what's next for myLNK and how it can continue to help those in our community.