May 13 2019

LB720 Will Lead the Way to Business Expansion, Attraction to Nebraska


As the 2019 legislative session nears its conclusion, one of our most important issues is up for debate by state senators.

There is a tremendous opportunity to grow through business expansion and attraction, which would lead to more jobs and more growth for Lincoln and Nebraska.

The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce joins the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Greater Omaha Chamber in giving the ImagiNE Nebraska Act (LB720) our full support and we encourage you to do the same.

Here’s where LB720 can greatly help our state:

  • Nebraska’s current incentives plan, the Nebraska Advantage Act, expires in 2020. There needs to be a replacement before it expires.
  • State incentive programs balance the playing field as we compete with other states for new investments.
  • Incentives help us as a state win projects that could potentially leave Nebraska or not consider moving here at all.
  • The ImagiNE Nebraska act simplifies the tax credit process for participating businesses and increases transparency for requirements.
  • The ImagiNE Nebraska act targets jobs that pay above a certain threshold, meaning good, high-paying jobs.

The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce joins the Greater Omaha Chamber and Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry by encouraging its members to contact their state senator and ask for a “YES” vote on LB720.


Wendy Birdsall, CCE

President, Lincoln Chamber of Commerce