May 31 2021

Revisiting and Reconnecting to Lincoln


(This article appears in the July 2021 edition of Strictly Business magazine)

As we continue to navigate a hopefully smooth and gradual return to normal in our daily lives, it remains a great time to be in Lincoln and will continue to get even better in the days, weeks, months and years ahead. 

It all starts with the people in Lincoln, our greatest resource. But what else makes Lincoln such an inviting community that continues to evolve and adapt to changing environments and workplaces? We know we have a recipe for success and hope we can show newcomers and those familiar with Lincoln that it is a city to rediscover.

In partnership with the University of Nebraska Alumni Association, the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development is reaching out to those that have left Lincoln, in the hopes of recruiting them back to Lincoln to work, live and play in the city they once called home. 

As workplaces continue to change and evolve with technology, Lincoln has positioned itself as a top city for remote workers, recently ranked as the seventh-best city in the country according to Ownerly. In the heart of the “Silicon Prairie”, Lincoln is the place to be connected as a Gig City, offering some of the fastest internet speeds in the country thanks to our world-class fiber network. 

The campaign targets UNL graduates ages 25-40 living in major metropolitan areas across the country that may be considering returning to Lincoln as we continue to offer an engaged and vibrant city, a family-friendly community with great schools and a place to call home for a good price. With remote workers finding more mobility and freedom to pick their locations, Lincoln can take advantage of the opportunity to attract these workers in a growing section of the 21st century workplace. 

It is also important to keep college students in Lincoln post-graduation, helping them gain an appreciation for the quality of life our city has to offer. Back for its fifth year, LPED is happy to introduce MyTern 2021, scheduled to take place in the late spring and summer months. The MyTern program shows interns at area companies how life in Lincoln could look for them if they decide to start their careers here by showcasing Lincoln as not only a great place to work, but a great place to live and play in as well.

The events for MyTern 2021 will be both in-person and online with the kickoff event set for June 16, MyWeek from July 12-16 and the closing event set for July 27. Networking through engaging opportunities and connecting interns with one another continues to be a success for our local companies, providing a valuable benefit for their interns and future employees.

Opportunity abounds to help business continue to thrive in Lincoln as we return to normal. The attraction of talented workers helps our existing local companies find the best employees to fill open positions while also providing the necessary backdrop for the innovation and creation that helps new companies take flight. 

Our community is rich in the people, resources and opportunities that help make Lincoln a sought-after destination, especially in 2021.