Action Alert - Support LB 867 Reform Lancaster County Pension Match
Wed, March 14, 2012

Reform Lancaster County Pension Match - Support LB 867

(Introduced by Senator Russ Karpisek)

Contact your Senator to urge them to support Sen. Russ Karpisek's LB 867, a bill which will lower Lancaster Country employee's retirement match from 150 percent to 100 percent of employee contribution. LB 867 is a Retirement Committee Priority Bill.

The Lincoln Chamber views LB 867 as an important change that is being addressed.

Please contact Sen. Karpisek (  to thank him for introducing LB 867 and let him know you support his efforts.

And don't forget to contact Lincoln Senators to urge their support of LB 867!

Bruce J. Bohrer

Executive V.P. & General Counsel

Lincoln Senators:

Sen. Bill Avery

Sen. Kathy Campbell

Sen. Colby Coash

Sen. Danielle Conrad

Sen. Tony Fulton

Sen. Ken Haar

Sen. Amanda McGill

Use this link to access emails for all Senators

More Information:

Bruce Bohrer
Executive Vice-President and General Counsel
Lincoln Chamber of Commerce



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