The Insurance and Financial Services industries have created a strong and self-sustaining environment for success in Lincoln. Lincoln has become a center of activity in the insurance and financial services sector over the past decade. Businesses increasing their investment in Lincoln commonly cite a highly educated and productive workforce, a positive regulatory climate and low premium taxes as key reasons for continued growth.

The good news for you is that because of this, Lincoln has a vast array of banks, credit unions, mortgage services investment bankers and insurance agencies to get you fiscally situated.

Financal Resources



 Credit Unions

Bank of the West Liberty First Credit Union
Cornhusker Bank LincOne Federal Credit Union
First National Bank People's First Choice Credit Union
Great Western Bank Spirit of America Federal Credit Union
Midwest Bank  
Pinnacle Bank  
Wells Fargo  
West Gate Bank  
Union Bank & Trust  
U.S. Bank  

Mortgage Companies

 Investment Banks
Great Western Bank 
Home Mortgage 
Home Services Lending 
Liberty First Credit Union Tierone Investments & Insurance
Lincoln Federal Savings Bank 
Nebraska Mortgage Company 
Pinnacle Bank 
Wells Fargo Bank  
West Gate Bank  
Union Bank  
U.S. Bank