Don't Panic Labs Offers Free Learning Sessions to Community

Published: Fri, February 02, 2018
Russ Guill
Don't Panic Labs

Software design and engineering firm Don't Panic Labs is opening its doors to the public during their team learning sessions.

These events, called "Vogon Poetry Readings", borrow their name from characters featured in the Douglas Adams novel "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". These noon hour events provide a time for a member of the team to present on topics covering software engineering and new product design.

On February 7th, UX Designer Bob Whitmer will explain why user story mapping is an effective method for capturing key user workflows and defining requirements for digital solutions. This is a powerful topic for anyone involved new product or innovation efforts.

On February 21st, the subject of NuGet libraries will be covered by software engineer Matt Will.

"We believe that we as a community can go further together when we share what we know. Vogon Poetry is just one example of that sharing in action," said Doug Durham, co-founder and CTO of Don't Panic Labs.

Vogon Poetry Readings are held in the Don't Panic Labs Barnyard (151 N 8th Street - basement level).

Attendees can RSVP to both Vogon Poetry Readings on the Don't Panic Labs Facebook page.