Infrastructure Financing and CIP Recommendations

The Lincoln Chamber Transportation & Public Works and Public Policy Committees jointly recommend the Lincoln Chamber Board should take up the following policy statements regarding near-term and long-term solutions on infrastructure financing issues and the Capital Improvement Program:


  1. Encourage City Council to reverse the trend of operating expenses for the Public Works and Utilities Department coming out of road funds;
  2. Support formation of an Advisory Council for Public Works;
  3. Support a certain percentage of the mill levy dedicated to street construction;
  4. Support having the portion of the wheel tax enacted specifically for new street construction dedicated for new street construction; and
  5. Support continued efforts to educate the public.

Long -Term

  1. Consider delaying the east leg transportation portion of the Antelope Valley;
  2. Pursue Streets Only General Obligation Bond; and
  3. Pursue 1 cent additional local option sales tax for infrastructure and economic development.

Unanimously Adopted by B.O.D. 5/18/06



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