ACTION ALERT: CIR Reform to Help Nebraska Become More Competitive

Tell Senators We Need CIR Reform to Help Nebraska Become More Competitive!

Contact the Business and Labor Committee Members to let them know we need substantial and meaningful reform of the CIR, up to and including outright repeal of CIR altogether. Nebraska's competitiveness for future growth is at risk!

The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce has worked with the Greater Omaha Chamber, State Chamber and other groups interested in reform. We will continue to work with these groups as a coalition committed to meaningful reform.

The so-called system we currently have is severely broken - it's been broke for some time now. Taxpayers can't handle any more! State and Local governments are hamstrung by the system! Only a small group seems to benefit. This is not good public policy! It will surely hurt our future competitiveness for growth if we keep the status quo.

The Business and Labor Committee will hear 9 bills on Monday, February 7th beginning at 1:30. Many of them are very narrowly drawn to address only a limited aspect of the larger overall problem. We've heard time limits may be placed on the hearings for each bill, so please email or submit letters to senators in the event you're not able to testify!! Hyperlinks directly connecting you to Business and Labor Committee member emails are found at the end of this Alert.

Your Chamber of Commerce will be at the hearing on Monday representing our membership. We will NOT support reform that doesn't address the issue comprehensively! We believe we need significant change and meaningful reform up to and including repeal.

The Lincoln Chamber will be guided by the following criteria in evaluating what significant change and meaningful CIR reform looks like:

  • Comprehensive - reform must apply to all public employees.
  • Private Sector Inclusive - public employee wages are off the charts when compared to similar jobs in the private sector. Comparisons limited to only public wages create an artificial upward spiral. This has cost taxpayers a great deal.
  • Transparent & Accountable - The bargaining parameters and actual contracts should be posted online for an adequate amount of time to allow the taxpaying public to understand their costs and terms. This should include a summary of new provisions and how the wages compare to the local labor market.
  • Public Officials' Input - Public officials who manage government institutions often complain about having their hands tied by state CIR statutes. They need to be involved and be part of the effort for meaningful reform or repeal.
  • Balance - The CIR is clearly out of balance. When correctly done, reform will restore balance so that neither the government employer nor the public employees union would have an incentive to seek a determination by the CIR.

Contact Senators:

Senator Steve Lathrop, Chairman  (Omaha) 

Senator Tanya Cook, Vice-Chairwoman (Omaha)  

Senator Brad Ashford (Omaha) 

Senator Tom Carlson (Holdrege) 

Senator Burke Harr  (Omaha)

Senator Jim Smith  (Papillion)  

Senator Norm Wallman (Cortland) 



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