2012 State Opportunities Agenda

The Lincoln Chamber’s key legislative objectives for 2012:

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce will prioritize support for proposals that help facilitate the LPED strategic plan for the Lincoln region. The Lincoln Chamber will work cooperatively with the State Chamber, Omaha Chamber, the Nebraska Economic Developers Association, the University of Nebraska and other organizations and institutions to support legislative proposals and administrative changes that improve the competitive position of Nebraska.

ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE The Lincoln Chamber will prioritize efforts to protect the Build NE Act and the HWY Trust Fund. The Lincoln Chamber will continue  protective advocacy  to secure state funds related to Lincoln’s South and East Beltway projects. The Lincoln Chamber believes there is a significant funding gap for road infrastructure needs across the state. The Chamber supports a review of factors utilized in the allocation formula for distributing state road funds and will support efforts to more equitably distribute funds to areas of growing population and infrastructure needs.

STATE BUDGET & GOVERNMENT EFFICIENCY – The Lincoln Chamber will prioritize budget support for our state’s continued strong economic growth  through funding for roads, and support for other productive expenditures that promote job and investment growth. Investments in these key assets should be maintained and even increased in areas of excellence that bolster private sector job growth. State leaders should continue to be prudent in their protection and use of the Cash Reserve Fund. The Lincoln Chamber continues to believe it is imperative for budget sustainability and taxpayer fairness that state policymakers track the actual results of CIR reforms enacted in 2011. Proper implementation to  create competitive state and local governmentswill position Nebraska on the leading edge of sustainable economic recovery and growth.

TAX RELIEF & SPENDING RESTRAINT – The Lincoln Chamber continues to support lowering the tax burden. Nebraska has moved in the right direction recently in national tax burden rankings. Tax relief must include a focus on spending restraint and prioritization from both state and local governments. Without spending restraint from all levels of government, so called tax relief can easily turn into a tax shift.  In keeping with our core statements of policy, the Chamber supports proposals that help Nebraska become more competitive and able to expand jobs and investment to grow our economy. The Lincoln Chamber supports tax relief to help keep and attract jobs and people to Nebraska.

CVB MISSION SUPPORT – The Chamber will support legislative proposals that assist the Convention and Visitors Bureau in executing its mission of bringing more visitors, events, and conventions to the Lincoln area.



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